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Bladeless LASIK

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Bladeless LASIK Treatment in Mumbai, Mulund, Thane & Navi Mumbai available at Surya Eye Institute.

We are one of the oldest eye hospitals providing bladeless LASIK treatment in Mumbai.

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The quest for perfect vision has led to significant advancements in eye care technology, and one of the most groundbreaking developments in recent years is Bladeless LASIK. This modern eye surgery method employs a femtosecond laser to create a corneal flap, paving the way for a more precise and safe vision correction procedure compared to traditional LASIK that uses a microkeratome blade.

What Is Bladeless LASIK?

Bladeless LASIK, also known as all-laser LASIK, represents a leap forward in refractive surgery. During the procedure, an individual laser, typically a femtosecond laser, is used to create a flap in the cornea. This method eliminates the need for a mechanical cutting tool or blade, hence the term 'bladeless'. The laser allows for a level of accuracy that is not achievable with traditional methods, making it an excellent option for those with specific corneal conditions.

How Does Bladeless LASIK Work?

The process begins with an initial screening exam to determine if you're a suitable candidate for surgery. Once confirmed, you'll undergo a comprehensive pre-op evaluation where your doctor will perform detailed tests including corneal thickness measurements and degree of refractive error. On the day of surgery, after administering numbing drops and using an instrument to keep your eyelids open, the surgeon employs the femtosecond laser to create a precise corneal flap. The cornea is then reshaped with an excimer laser tailored to your prescription needs. Afterward, the flap is repositioned without the need for sutures.

Advantages of Bladeless LASIK

- Enhanced precision and flap consistency due to the laser's accuracy.

- Reduced risk of flap complications like buttonholes or incomplete flaps.

- Lower incidence of dry eye symptoms post-surgery compared to traditional methods.

- Quick recovery time with many patients returning to normal activities within a day.

Disadvantages of Bladeless LASIK

- Potential for transient light sensitivity following the procedure.

- Slightly higher cost due to advanced technology.

- Rare risk of inflammation under the flap (diffuse lamellar keratitis).

Who Is a Candidate for Bladeless LASIK?

Ideal candidates are at least 18 years old with stable vision prescriptions. They should have generally healthy eyes without diseases such as glaucoma or cataracts and possess suitable corneal thickness. It's also important that their prescription falls within safe parameters for the procedure.

Cost Considerations

Bladeless LASIK might be more expensive than traditional methods due to its sophisticated technology. However, many patients find the additional cost worthwhile for the benefits it offers. It's essential to consult with your eye care provider for accurate pricing based on your specific needs.

Surya Eye's #3TAdvantage in Bladeless LASIK

At Surya Eye, we're proud to offer our patients the #3TAdvantage - Talented Doctors, Advanced Technology, and Trust earned over 40 years of service. Our experienced surgeons utilize state-of-the-art femtosecond lasers for bladeless LASIK procedures, ensuring precision and safety. With over 500k+ happy patients, we're committed to providing personalized care tailored to each individual's vision correction goals.

If you're considering bladeless LASIK or seeking more information about how this advanced procedure can benefit you, Surya Eye is here to guide you through every step. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your comfort and delivering results that enhance your quality of life.

Don't let glasses or contact lenses hold you back any longer. Experience life with crystal clear vision by choosing Surya Eye for your bladeless LASIK procedure. Book a consultation today and take the first step towards visual freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does the surgery take place?

As in most of the patient both eyes are treated in same sitting, your procedure may last for 10 to 15 min.

2. Is it painful?

No. surgery is carried out after putting anesthetic drops. Some patient might feel pressure sensation for few minutes.

3. When can normal daily activities be resumed?

You can resume your activities in 3-4 days’ time. Tough water sport or swimming should be avoided for at least 2-3 months.

4. Is treatment permanent?

Yes, however you will need reading glasses once you reach presbyopic age.

5. After what age we can do LASIK ?

LASIK can be done after 18 years of Age.

6. Up to what age we can do LASIK ?

LASIK can be done up to 55 years of Age.

7. Is both eyes LASIK done on the same day?

Yes, Internationally Both eyes LASIK is done on the same day and it takes about 15 to 20 mins for overall procedure.

8. What kind of anesthesia is used during the Surgery ?

Topical anesthesia (eye drops) is used for the overall Surgery

9. Which Tests should be done before proceeding LASIK ?

Before We can plan LASIK, Pre-LASIK tests have to be done which includes an overall scan of Cornea, Abberometry, Axial Length Calculation& Biomechanical strength of the Cornea.

10. Do we need to get Admitted for the Surgery?

No, it is a Day Care Procedure.

11. Is LASIK surgery done inside the Eye ?

No, LASIK surgery is totally external procedure performed outside (Cornea) the Eye.