Streamlight LASIK

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Streamlight LASIK

What is Streamlight LASIK?

Streamlight LASIK, also known as Transepithelial PRK or Advanced Surface Ablation, is a sophisticated laser vision correction procedure performed on the surface of the cornea. This bladeless and touchless technique uses an excimer laser to first remove the epithelium and then precisely sculpt the underlying corneal tissue to correct refractive errors.

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Visual Outcomes with 'No Touch' PRK

The visual outcomes with 'No Touch' PRK are highly predictable and accurate, closely matching the results of LASIK. However, the improvement in vision is more gradual, with the final results taking a few weeks to become fully apparent.

Benefits of 'No Touch' PRK

'No Touch' PRK offers several unique advantages, particularly for patients with specific needs:

  • More Tissue Available for Treatment: Since the correction is performed directly on the surface, PRK preserves more corneal tissue. This is especially beneficial for patients with thinner corneas or higher refractive errors.
  • No Corneal Flap: The absence of a corneal flap makes PRK an appealing option for conservative patients or those engaged in high-impact physical activities such as combat sports.
  • Vocational Preferences: Many recruiters for careers in law enforcement, the military, and firefighting recommend 'No Touch' PRK due to its safety profile and effectiveness.

While PRK offers excellent safety and visual outcomes, it requires a longer recovery period and can cause short-term discomfort. Patients choosing PRK need to be prepared for a more gradual improvement in vision and exercise patience throughout the healing process.

Why Choose SuryaEye Hospital for Streamlight LASIK?

SuryaEye Hospital, with locations in Bandra, Mulund, and Airoli, Mumbai, is at the forefront of advanced vision correction techniques. Our expert surgeons utilize the latest technology to ensure optimal outcomes for each patient. Choosing Streamlight LASIK at SuryaEye means opting for a procedure that balances precision, safety, and effectiveness, with the support of a highly skilled medical team.

At SuryaEye Hospital, we are committed to helping you achieve the best possible vision, tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle.