Custom Wavefront LASIK

Custom Wavefront LASIK at SuryaEye Hospital | Bandra, Mulund & Airoli

Custom Wavefront LASIK

What is Custom LASIK?

At SuryaEye Hospital, we offer Custom LASIK, a cutting-edge procedure that uses a wavefront analyzer to tailor the traditional LASIK surgery to each individual eye. This advanced customization ensures that patients achieve the clearest and sharpest vision possible.

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How is Custom LASIK Different from Conventional LASIK?

Custom LASIK utilizes a specialized device known as a wavefront analyzer (aberrometer) to meticulously measure how light travels through the eye. This measurement generates a detailed map of the eye, which is then used to guide the laser treatment. Unlike conventional LASIK, Custom LASIK addresses "higher-order" aberrations—subtle imperfections in the eye's optical system that significantly affect vision quality. These aberrations cannot be corrected with glasses, contact lenses, or even traditional LASIK, making Custom LASIK a superior option for achieving optimal vision.

Is the Custom LASIK Procedure the Same as Conventional LASIK?

While the surgical steps of Custom LASIK and conventional LASIK are similar, the pre-assessment tests for Custom LASIK are far more comprehensive. The wavefront analyzer provides the surgeon with an unparalleled level of precision and insight, enabling the performance of this advanced procedure. This technology significantly enhances vision quality and helps eliminate issues like night-time glare and halos. Pre-operative tests for Custom LASIK at SuryaEye Hospital include topography, aberrometry, and pachymetry, ensuring a thorough and accurate preparation process.

Why Choose SuryaEye Hospital for Custom LASIK?

SuryaEye Hospital, with its three state-of-the-art centers in Bandra, Mulund, and Airoli, Mumbai, is dedicated to providing the highest quality eye care. Our team of experienced surgeons is committed to using the latest technology to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients. Choosing Custom LASIK at SuryaEye means choosing a path to clearer, sharper vision with the support of a trusted and skilled medical team.

Experience the future of vision correction at SuryaEye Hospital—where your vision is our top priority.

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